The Paramount Coffee Project, Surry Hills

For all coffee lovers out there, Seven Seeds from Melbourne and Reuben Hills (representing Sydney) have teamed up to present the Paramount Coffee Project. A place where every espresso, filter and drip of coffee is brought to life as art. The artsy vibe is reflected in the minimalistic, industrial warehouse chic fit out of the place – think lots of grey concrete and light beechwood furniture.

First on the list was the Shakerato (double shots of espresso, two cubes of ice and some sugar syrup shaken cocktail style). It was sweet, smooth and perfect for summer.

Shakerato, $5

The boy and I decided to split two dishes between us and the Crab Po Boy came out first with a separate side of onion rings. The milk bun was buttery soft and the house slaw actually gave the dish a bit of crunch along with the soft shell crab. The ranch dressing also complemented the overall dish nicely. The onion rings were also a winner, with a nutmeg batter which tasted great with the accompanying dollop of kewpie mayo.

Crab Po Boy ($19) with onion rings ($5)

The boy had opted for the Meat Waffle which featured soft shredded pork neck, tangy BBQ sauce, green tomato, a fried egg and shallots. The waffles were slightly hard and soggy – he prefers his waffles crunchy, so was a bit disappointed with the texture of the waffles, but the fried egg on top more than made up for it for him! He also decided to add the adorable sounding “hush puppies” as a side – they turned out to be crunchy polenta balls.

Meat Waffle $18, with Hush Puppies ($5)

I can see that coffee enthusiasts in Sydney will flock to the amazing quality and variety on offer here. The food was also interesting and is a great spot for those sick of the usual sandwich and pie offerings. After you’ve finished eating you can even explore the quirky shops in the back of the space and the Golden Cinema downstairs (I saw someone celebrating their 70th birthday) to complete your visit!

Paramount Coffee Project
80 Commonwealth St, Surry Hills NSW 2010
Ph: (02) 9211 1122

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