Gasolina Espresso and Kitchen, Ramsgate

The team behind one of our favourite cafes Vesbar in Marrickville has moved on with a new venture in the beachy suburb of Ramsgate. We’re glad to see that some of their signature dishes, drinks and even decor have been brought over in the move – one obvious example is the graffiti wall inside the cafe with “Gasolina” emblazoned all over it in spray paint.

You can’t miss Gasolina from the main road – in theme with its name there’s a maroon motorcycle parked outside the entrance nonchalantly on the footpath which also bears the “Gasolina” name. Another cute themed touch we liked was the rather chic olive oil cans on each table.

We were keen to see if Gasolina would live up to the high bar set by our visit to Vesbar last year and we weren’t disappointed at all. My Nutella Frappe was all sorts of amazing, a thick concoction of iced Nutella heaven served in a mason jar.

Nutella Frappe, $6

Gasolina serve their breakfast menu until 3pm, so it’s a great spot for a lazy late weekend brunch. I went for the Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict which was served on two pieces of crusty sourdough toast. The hollandaise sauce was quite zesty and liberally drizzled on the nicely poached eggs and fresh spinach leaves. There were also generous amounts of smoked salmon piled on top and all in all it was a satisfying rendition of the classic breakfast item.

Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict, $16

I must admit I had some serious food envy when my friend’s Gasolina Steak Sandwich arrived, containing plenty of caramelised onions on the sandwich with crunchy thick cut chips served in a little metal basket accompanied by tangy aioli. From all reports, the steak sandwich was a hit too.

Gasolina Steak Sandwich, $16

Based on our visit to Vesbar last year, we knew that we couldn’t leave without seeing if their glorious Nutella Donut was still on the menu. We were relieved to find out that it is and is just as decadent as before with its melted Nutella centre oozing out of the donut with every bite. Gasolina’s Ricotta Roll is a slightly less guilty pleasure, but shares the same soft doughy exterior as the Nutella Donut and is also sprinkled with sugar.

Nutella Donut, $4

Ricotta Roll, $4

We’re loving the fresh vibe of Gasolina, with all our favourites still appearing on the menu as well as some fun new additions – we’re willing to trek out to suburban Ramsgate to get our fix!

Gasolina Espresso & Kitchen
1/226 Rocky Point Road, Ramsgate NSW 2217
Ph: (02) 9583 2858

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  • Gah I love that zuccherati! And the nutella frappe sounds awesome.

  • Yvonne says:

    Omfg DAT Nutella donut!

  • Jacq says:

    wow the nutella donut looks epic!

  • robot+ says:

    The owner of this cafe is a fat racist pig… Instructing staff to steal from my wallet while I am outside setting the tables in the morning. Not paying tax or super and paying below minimum wage. Asked for help on his website and got robbed for for 6 hours work too. Paul is a deadbeat that doesn’t deserve to get a positive review. TAX EVASION, wages stolen, super stolen, cafe hasn’t been cleaned for almost a year. On to of that Paul brags about how he is so smart at TAX EVASION, well pay your staff properly and keep your racist comment to yourself and while you are in Roselle getting your schizophrenic treatment ask if you can stay there for a while because your just stinking up Sans Souci with your bad attitude. Gasolina is totally below board with NAV the chef stealing from other staff’s wallets while there back is turned and SNEEZING ON CUSTOMERS FOOD then serving it and Paul the owner just playing with your chips with his filthy sweaty hands… DO NOT GO HERE UNTIL there is new owners…

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