The Meza App @ Thyme Square Cafe, Hornsby

Trying to catch a waiter’s attention in a crowded restaurant is one of my dining pet hates, especially when trying to get a quick meal in. Enter Meza, an app which is designed to make the dining experience more hassle free on both the diner’s end and the restaurant’s too.

There’s a range of restaurants in Sydney who use the Meza order management system on their iPads and if you download the Meza app on your iPhone and set up an account, you can see which restaurants are nearby and using Meza.

One of the ones in my area is Thyme Square Cafe in Hornsby, which popped up on my Meza radar showing me how far away I was from the restaurant.

Once we were seated inside the restaurant, I simply checked into the restaurant as dining in, picked my table number and put in my order through the online menu which mirrored their physical menu, all in a few minutes after settling on our menu choices.

Fairly soon after submitting our order, my glass of Pinotage wine arrived. It was my first time trying this fruity, vibrant red wine from South Africa and it was a winner.

KMV Classic Collection Pinotage, $7.50 per glass

The South African influences on our meal continued with the Boerewors and Mash chosen by the boy, which featured strongly spiced South African sausages served with a bed of mash, grilled onions, a sage jus and salad.

Boerewors and Mash, $18

I opted for the Thyme Square Linguini, which was tossed in a spicy blend of chilli, garlic and olive oil and served with plenty of juicy Queensland king prawns and cherry tomatoes, for a satisfying dinner.

Thyme Square Linguini with Queensland King Prawns, $22.50

After we were done with our meal, it was easy enough to just press “Bill Please!” on the app and have our bill brought over to us. We paid by credit card at the counter, but you can also pay your bill through Meza itself if you link it to your credit card.

We are definitely fans of fuss-free dining and Meza makes it a breeze  to order and pay – we can only hope that more restaurants jump on board and start offering this option to their diners.

This review was not endorsed by Meza – all opinions are our own. 

Thyme Square Cafe
5/43a Florence Street
Hornsby NSW 2077
Phone:(02) 9476 0700

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