Rockpool Bar & Grill, Wynyard

The stunning art deco surrounds of Rockpool Bar and Grill which greet you on entry into the restaurant give you the first clue that your meal will be a lot more sophisticated than your average bar and grill experience in the city. I was impressed by the soaring high ceilings, moody ambience and open kitchen, all of which give off more of a New York vibe than I had expected.

We were drawn to the wagyu offerings on the menu, so we skipped the entrees and went straight to the Braised Wagyu Shin Ragu with hand cut pappardelle and gremolata pasta to share. The kitchen had kindly split out the pasta into 2 separate dishes for us as we had told them that we were sharing – so the serving in the photo is only half the amount of the full dish. I seriously loved the pasta, from the hearty flavours in the wagyu ragu which had been cooked to perfection and the silky smooth sheets of hand cut pappardelle.

Braised Wagyu Shin Ragu with Hand Cut Pappardelle and Gremolata $25 

The pasta had primed us for more wagyu to share, this time in the form of a Dry Aged Wagyu Skirt with a 9+ marble score, cooked medium rare on the wood fired grill. The wagyu skirt was tender, buttery from the marbling and went beautifully with the rich, creamy bearnaise sauce which accompanied it.

David Blackmore’s Dry Aged Full Blood Wagyu Skirt 240g 31 days $42 

The sides which we had ordered also impressed, particularly the sweet, soft chunks of Charcoal Roast Pumpkin and Sweet Potato with an addictive garlic yoghurt. The Potato Puree was predictably moreish too – it was definitely one of the smoothest potato mash we’ve ever had.

Charcoal Roast Pumpkin and Sweet Potato with Garlic Yoghurt $12 and Potato Puree $10 

We managed to find room for dessert when we spotted the Black Forest Trifle, which was inspired by The Fat Duck’s BFG (black forest gateau) created by the incredible Heston Blumenthal. The Rockpool Bar and Grill rendition of this dessert features delectably smooth thickened cream, sitting on top of a decadent chocolate cake with a hint of cherries and topped off with chocolate shavings. Definitely a dessert to be shared.

Black Forest Trifle, $25 

Our verdict is that Rockpool Bar and Grill is well worth the price if you’re thinking of treating yourself to a wagyu-centric meal that’s a cut above the rest. We’ll be back to the famous wagyu burger next time which is available at the bar!

Rockpool Bar & Grill
66 Hunter Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone:(02) 8078 1900

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